This powerful ingredient will improve your blood and prevent the process of aging

Beetroot is known as a natural remedy against many diseases since long time ago. It dates back to 2000 BC and traces its roots in Mesopotamia, Thebes, and Egypt. Then, beets was present in England in Europe, which was then spread by the Roman Empire, using it as an animal food. It gained importance as a vegetable in the 18th century when a Berliner with a name Andreas Marggraf, who discovered that it is high in sugar. At this time the first sugar factories appears. When the plant was imported in France, Napoleon was highly interested in the root, opening a special school for its study. Nowadays, beets can be found throughout the USA, Italy, Russia, and Europe.

This plant is packed with:

  • Vitamin B12;
  • Iron;
  • Carbs;
  • Betaine;
  • Betanin;
  • Healthy fats.

It can boost the blood and their medical properties, useful for the bone and teeth demineralization. Due to the high content of iodine, beets can prevent atherosclerosis and stop the process of aging.

Betaine and betadine are rare and highly powerful compounds which can regulate the blood pressure, keep the blood vessels healthy, stimulates proper liver function, and lowers cholesterol.

If you cook it, its nutritional values will be reduced, and thus it is recommended to be consumed raw.

The plant can be used for beauty purposes. Apply its juice on our face to hydrate your skin and remove the dead cells on your skin. You can get a nice and red shine if you use it on your hair. Add the plant into your diet to reap the benefits and get the nutritional values.

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