The month you are born in determines what type of woman you are

  • January – these women are very ambitious, serious, and conservative. They are prone to be very critical and won’t talk about their own feelings. Also, they will approach only those who share the same views on life and intellect as them.
  • February – these are very romantic women and want to be treated with patience. Because of the often changes in their mood, not each person can stand them. Their way of thinking is slightly abstract. If in case you betray them you will never see them again.
  • March – these women have a great charm and strong charisma, are very loyal and dedicated, but hard to fall in love with. Moreover, they are cute until you upset them. It is a real pleasure to live with women born in March.
  • April – women who are born in this month easily interact with each person and are born diplomats, but at times they know to pity themselves. They are mostly jealous, and if in case they burst, you should better move away. This girl can make you the happiest man on the planet as they open their soul to those who earn their trust, thus try not to lose it.
  • May – you will remember these women as long as you live for they are very persistent and loyal to their principles, are very attractive, and combined with their hard character, they might become very dangerous to any man who will fall in love with them.
  • June – creativity, communication and curiosity are the main characteristics of these girls. The only flaw they have is that they speak before thinking. They believe that it is much better to tell the truth in the face, rather than talk about someone behind their back. Moreover, they are very dangerous players when it comes to love and often men become toys in their hands.
  • July – these women are beautiful, highly intelligent, mysterious, and honest, and don’t want to conflict, thus are very polite with others. They won’t forget if you cheat them. You can easily fall in love with these July girls.
  • August – a combination of great heart and self-centeredness lies in them. One should not try to mess with them as they will win one way or another. Their sense of humor is exceptional, but they do not want someone to mock them. If such thing happens, you will not know what will hit you. These women love to be in the center of attention and never suffer from men’s attention. They lose their heads in August girl’s presence.
  • September – beautiful and disciplined are these women who never forgive those who betray them. Make sure not to hurt them for they will seek for revenge. They want long relationships, meaning that they are not for one night only. Their expectations of their partners are very high and are very critical. The one who is willing to prove himself will win her heart.
  • October – these are women with a strong character and are very emotional, but won’t cry in front of others. Their thought of other people tending to abuse them won’t allow these women to open their souls to everyone. Other women hate October girls since they envy them.
  • November – such women can easily recognize a lie and are always one step ahead of others. Do not play with them for you will get the worst end. If you are not ready to hear the truth you should never ask them for their opinion.
  • December – God is on their side, but get what they deserve at the end. They are disappointed to be hurt for they have an open heart. These women can be very impatient, but are very lucky, because the always find a way to get out of any situation as winners. They know how to lift the mood.

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