Never throw sprouted garlic ever again – it is much healthier than regular garlic

If we notice a garlic bulb which has bright green shoots sprouting from the cloves we immediately throw it away as we believe it has passed its time. But, this is a wrong thing to do. Such garlic is high in antioxidants like allyl disulfate, allicin, and alliin. It provides far more benefits than those which are not sprouted.

What are the health benefits of sprouted garlic?

  • Helps with food poisoning – due to the high levels of antioxidants, sprouted garlic will help you treat viral diseases and fungal infections. It will help you in soothing the symptoms, treat diarrhea, and help with food poisoning.
  • Prevents premature aging – antioxidants are significant for the prevention of wrinkles and aging through scavenging of the free radicals in the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system – your immune system will be boosted and you will get the needed antioxidants with the help of sprouted garlic. In this way you will be protected from infections and colds.
  • Heart protection – phytochemicals boost enzyme activity and block carcinogens activity, causing heart attacks and diseases. If you want to prevent these life-threatening diseases, you have to consume sprouted garlic.
  • Stroke prevention – anojene, an ingredient in garlic prevents the formation of blood clots and widen arteries. These properties are enhanced by the phytochemicals in sprouted garlic. This blocks the activity of blood clots forming chemicals. In this way you will be able to prevent strokes from happening.
  • Prevents cancer – the high abundance of minerals and vitamins hinder the generation of free radicals which are responsible for cancer. The process of sprouting promotes the production of phytochemicals and it can prevent malignant cells development, hindering carcinogen activities. The sprouted garlic is high in antioxidants that additionally help in preventing cancer.

Learn how to sprout garlic

Leave the garlic open. If you don’t want it to dry, take a pod of garlic and then poke it in two toothpicks in each side. Do not peel it. Take a small and narrow glass and fill it with water, placing the garlic pod on the glass rim. Partly submerge the narrow part in the water. Place it on a window sill and leave it for 5 days. After this time your garlic will be ready for consumption.

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