Do not throw use tea bags ever again – here is how to use them

It is always a good idea to have a cup of tea. You can have it everywhere, even in your office. After reading what a used tea bag can do, you will never throw it away.

How to use soggy tea bags at home?

  • Revitalize tired and puffy eyes – if you indulge in binge-watching at night you will surely wake up with puffy eyes in the morning. Tannins in black tea can help you revitalize your eyes. Place a few used tea bags in an airtight container and store them in a fridge, so if your eyes are puffy in the morning, grab the tea bags and place them over the eyes, letting them stay for 15 minutes.
  • Treat minor burns – tannins in black tea can also help in relieving inflammation that has been caused by very high temperatures. It can also prevent the skin form peeling. Just place 2-3 refrigerated damp tea bags on the affected area as a gauze.
  • Remove foul smell off your hands – if you peel garlic or chop onions your hands might smell really bad, but if you want to remove that smell you should scrub the fingers with a damp tea bag and some hand wash to neutralize the smell. Also, you can soak your arms in a warm solutions of water and tea.
  • Clean your dishes – scrubbing off the grime off your dishes can be a hard ask and it cannot be done easily and quickly. But, this process can be made easier if you soak you dirty dishes overnight and place several used tea bags. The next day the dishes will be less greasy and you will be able to clean them in no tie and with much less effort.
  • Treat sunburns – it will stop the itchiness and remove the peeling skin. There is acid in black tea which provides soothing effects that will remove excess heat from the sunburn. Bring black tea bags along with your sunscreen the next time you go to the beach.
  • Remove watermarks on mirrors – the process of cleaning mirrors can be eased with the help of used tea bags, especially if the watermarks are stubborn. Take the used tea bags and wipe the watermarks on the mirror. It will shine like new.
  • Manure for the garden – tea bags may reduce the pH levels of the soil because of the tannins. If the levels are lower, the risks of fungus buildup at the roots of the plants will decrease significantly. Place the tea bags in the soil when you plant a sapling and sowing seeds.
  • Refresh your shoes – deodorize your smelly shoes with the help of tea bags. Place them in each shoe and they will quickly absorb the bad smell and moisture. Moreover, they will make your shoes smell as fresh as new.
  • Neutralize household smells – if your fridge or bin smell foul, you can use tea bags to neutralize them. Just place a few used tea bags at the bottom of the bin and the smell will be absorbed. It will prevent the odor from spreading over the kitchen. You can store used tea bags in the fridge in order to keep it smell fresh.
  • Relieve sore gums – you can use soaked tea bags to remove the pain of sore gums. Just place them in the fridge and then apply them on the affected area into your mouth. Your gums will be instantly soothed. You can use them for relieving mouth inflammation and treat mouth ulcers.
  • Get rid of warts – place the damp tea bag on an affected area and secure it with a bandage. Let it act for 15 minutes and then replace it with a new one. Tea contains antioxidants which stop the growth of warts. If you want to minimize the HPV effects on your skin you should also consume 2-3 cups of green tea daily.
  • Remove dandruff – it is very hard to remove it completely from the hair. You should substitute the expensive anti-dandruff products with a few tea bags. Brew some tea with them and let the bags stay for one hour. Then use the tea to rinse your hair. Massage the scalp with it in order to eliminate dandruff, making your hair shiny.

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