Most People Don’t Know What You’re Supposed To Do With Each Type Of Onion. Do You? (Video)

Onions are edible bulbs that have particular pungent taste and smell and most frequently are used for preparation of different dishes. However, other than in kitchen, this vegetable has many other usages.

In today’s short article we are going to explain you how to keep the garlic, shallots and onions fresh for as much as two months: just take a punch and make a couple of holes in a paper bag. Put your onions on the bag, thoroughly seal with a paper clip and then store unrefrigerated in the kitchen in duration of 2 months or longer.

Cutting: use a stainless steel hair pick as a guide, and your knife abilities will select up rapidly. You will get good, even cuts and you can conserve time in preparation.

Onion skins

You can make use of the onion skins as a base for soup stock. You will get fantastic taste and incredible brown color.

For that purpose, you can make use of all veggie cuttings and skins and prepare soup stocks.

You can also make bread– replace about five percent of the flour you would use with onion skins and you will get yummy breads.

If you are suffering from cramps, onion skins can assist. In water cook 2 handfuls of onion skins 10-20 minutes on low heat. Then, pressure the skins and drink 1 cup every night prior to going to sleep. Soon the cramps will vanish.

Aren’t onions incredible? For more information, check the video below:

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