Early Warning Signs Of Skin Cancer You Should Check Out

One of the most dreaded diseases of the modern day is cancer. It comes in many different types. The chances of survival are higher if it is caught in early stages. Thus, people have to be aware of the symptoms which might suggest the person is affected by cancer.

Skin cancer is the most uncontrolled cancers. The risk factors of this type of cancer are pollution and UV exposure. They can generate the growth of cancer cells. Each person should look out for the sign of skin cancer. They are called the ABCDEs signs.

  • A stands for Asymmetry – if one half of your mole does not match the other one you have to visit a dermatologist.


  • B stands for Border – if the borders are poorly defined, uneven, and abnormal, then it might be a sign of skin cancer.


  • C stands for Color – it may contain shades of brown and black, but can sometimes have reddish white, or pink spots.


  • D stands for Diameter – the typical diameter of a cancer mole is 6 millimeters.


  • E stands for Evolution – watch for your mole, so if it starts changing its shape, color, and size, I is time to see a doctor.



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