Here’s why you should leave a coin in the freezer, every time before you leave the house. Amazing!

Ever wondered why after you came from a long trip the digital clock in your house showed the wrong time? You might think that there has not been any power outages. But even if there has been, you can’t know for how long the electricity has been gone.

It might be for a few days, causing your food to defrost and deteriorate. Once the power is back, food freezes again, and you did not notice that they have been thawed. This may be very dangerous as some of the foods are at risk of spreading salmonella and bacteria.

We will find out a way to help you find out if and for how long your freezer has been out of power and in that way see whether your food is good for consumption, or not.


You will need 1 cup, a coin, and water.

Method of preparation: put water in the cup and place it in the fridge. When it becomes only ice, put the coin on the top and return it to the freezer.

When you come back after holiday, look at where the coin is before consuming your food.

  • If it is on top in the middle of the ice cubes, it means that there was not a power failure or power outage was for a short period of time and the water only melted partly. This means that your food is safe for consumption.
  • If in case the coin is at the bottom of the cup, then it shows that the electricity failure was for a longer period of time, the water got dissolved completely, and the coin sunk at the bottom. You should better not consume your food.

This is an amazing trick you can use when you are away from your home for a longer period of time.

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