This Guy Experimented By Sleeping Only 5 Hours A Day And The Results Are Horrible

In order to remain healthy it is essential for every person to get an 8-hour sleep. The pattern one person accomplishes sleeping in a single chunk of 7-8 hours is known as monophasic sleeping method and most of the population follows it.

Here is one guy who wanted to experiment with his sleeping method and slept only 5 hours daily.

Let’s see what happened.

He experimented with his sleep and followed the Polyphasic sleeping method where the person rests in multiple phases and need to survive on less sleep during the day.

There is another sleeping parent known as the Uberman schedule and is a sleeping patter where people take six naps of 20 minutes during the day and the sleep needs to be accomplished in 2 hours, meaning that the person following this sleeping pattern will remain awake for 20 years of his life.

The guy decided to get an advice by a polyphasic sleeper and started following the Everyman sleep schedule suggested by Jackson Nexhip, a polyphasic sleeper. The Everyman schedule is easier than the Uberman schedule. According to it, the person is sleeping for 4-5 hours during the night and takes two naps of 20 minutes during the day.

He consulted Dr. Alon Avidan who is a sleep specialist at UCLA. He warned the guy not to opt for polyphasic sleeping schedule because it does not suit most of the population. However, the guy started sleeping for only 5 hours a day. The first two days were very tough for him. He was lacking energy in order to perform the daily chores. He was exhausted because of lack of sleep. This was followed by slower reaction time, memory loss, cognitive problems, lack of creativity, and increased irritability. By day 4 he got brain-dead. He was not capable of doing anything. But, the things started getting worse by the 5th day. He lacked focus at work and most of the time he giggled. At day 7 he gave up completely. There was no other option for him but to get some extra sleep.

This was the worst experience for him.

This is a type of sleeping pattern which only works for some genetically designed people.

Watch the video to see the results.

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