Have Acne, Hairfall Or Frequent Headache? You Need To Find Out Why

Our body needs minerals in order to stay healthy. However, the busy schedules make us forget to take care of ourselves and our diet. The body sends signals about your health through headaches, cramps, hair fall, and brittle nails.

About 75% of the Americans have magnesium deficiency, and that is why they often have muscle cramps and headaches. For this reason, you must not neglect your health, thus keep your body fit and healthy.

Here are the symptoms and the deficiencies:

  • Acne – zinc deficiency: acne occur on the face, shoulders, back, and the front part of the body and in order to remove them you might apply many cosmetic products, creams, and gels, but you have not tried locating the root of the issue. Zinc deficiency is the root. This mineral keeps the skin healthy and improves its complexion. You can find the mineral in spinach, peanuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Headache – magnesium deficiency: not always the headache is caused due to tiredness or anxiety. It may sometimes be due to magnesium deficiency. Consume a banana or add some cabbage into your diet.
  • Muscle cramps – magnesium deficiency: if you face cramps often then regularly take Epsom salt baths as it contains magnesium. Your skin will absorb it and will help you get rid of the problem.
  • Dry, dull hair and brittle nails vitamin B7 deficiency: in case such thing happens then you need to include this vitamin into your diet through products like peanuts, yeast, and cheese.
  • Weak hair – iron deficiency: in case you notice hair strands come easily in the comb then it might be due to iron deficiency. Consume red meat and dark green leafy vegetables to combat this issue.
  • White swellings – essential fatty acids: these painless marks are often ignored; however, they are indicating essential fatty acids deficiency. Foods high in omega-3 like fish, nuts, fish oils, and seafood can help you get them easily.


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