Scientists Tell Women To Stop Wearing Bras.The Reason?Shocking!

Women are warned by scientists to stop wearing bras. This is due to this promotes more tone and supporting breast tissue. If bra is worn from young age it will not offer support to the chest, will not reduce back pain, and will not prevent breast sagging.

There was a 15-year study done by Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sport science and professor at the University of France-Comte, where the effect of bras was tested on 330 women aged 18-35. The team discovered that those who did not wear bras had perkier breasts. Those women who voluntarily stopped wearing them, not as a requirement of the study, had a 7mm (o.3 inch) lift in their nipples when they were compared to regular bra users. Bras can hamper circulation and reduce breast tone over time. A slide rule was used and a caliper in order to record the changes during the years.

According to Prof Rouillon, breasts do not gain any benefits from being denied gravity, thus become saggier with a bra. Other professionals agree with him, stating that if young women do not wear bras, it will lead to increased production of collagen and elasticity, improving the lift in a developing breast.

However, there are others who do not agree fully with his advice. According to Deborah Orr, Jean Denis Rouillon spent 15 years in order to study the anatomy of 330 women, coming to conclusion that bras are a false necessity. He is clever, and women are stupid. She claims that Rouillon is not any kind of expert as does not have breasts. He says that medically, anatomically, and physiologically breasts do not gain benefits from wearing bras, however, Deborah says that women do not wear bras for medicinal, anatomical, and physiological reasons, but rather for psychological, aesthetic and practical reasons. The bras actually stop the breasts from wobbling about in a “Don’t forget for a second you’ve got breasts manner” which allows us to forget them. If that wasn’t like that we would have been cupping them in our hands each time we broke into a trot to catch a lift. The research of Rouillon claim that the nipples of women aged 18-35 rose by 7 mm on average when they went braless, but Deborah says that he fails to understand that one of the many comforting thing about bras is that we need not to think about where our nipples might be. Women are encouraged to about their breasts enough and the last thing we need is some fool telling us is that we need to think about them as well as their welfare.

We have to consider about the #freenipple campaign whose belief is that women are restricted and should have the right to bear their chests. The campaign has a lot to do about objectification. They believe that if they see nipples too often it is going to change the victim blaming culture we seem to be stuck in. as of now, nipples are hidden, and breastfeeding in public is a shame, but sexy advertisements are just fine. That is the issue.

Watch the video of somebody who actually made the transition to no bra!

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